American Locker i-Parcel™

Intelligent and secure electronic locker systems for parcel delivery and collection. Enable your multi-family housing residents to collect parcels, with 24/7 access from any delivery source. The i-Parcel™ smart locker is a modular and expandable solution developed especially for parcel collection. The system is maintenance free and functionality can be managed locally. Security of data is of primary concern and the system is fully compliant with all data protection standards. No resident data is stored locally thanks to the enterprise-level cloud based control system.

With the rise of e-commerce, there is an increasing need to manage online purchase deliveries effectively. Nowhere is this more apparent than within apartment complexes nationwide. During peak holiday times, parcel and package deliveries can easily increase by a factor of five. As a multi-family housing unit owner or operator, this places an increasing demand on your staff to manage these packages until the time of collection. In addition to the time and effort it takes to manage this process, you are also taking responsibility for the package security.

The American Locker i-Parcel™ is available outside your leasing office hours, enabling residents the freedom to collect at their convenience, 24/7. The i-Parcel™ improves your residents’ satisfaction and will also resolve their concerns around failed or lost deliveries.

Typical problems delivering packages to apartment complexes

  • Typically, there is no dedicated area to store packages for what can be long periods of time
  • Security of individual packages cannot be guaranteed
  • Wastes significant management resources that are better applied elsewhere
  • Residents have to hunt around to locate packages
  • Residents can only collect packages during office hours
  • In complexes where packages are left on the doorstep, theft can be a major problem
  • During the holidays and peak ordering periods, space to accommodate parcels can be an issue

i-Parcel™ Solution

  • Secure electronic parcel locker system designed for multi-family housing complexes
  • Automatic resident notification via text message or email
  • Reminders can be set for collection
  • Returns are easy through i-Parcel™
  • Local management of resident lists, settings, and privileges
  • One time password generation on collection ensures security
  • The i-Parcel™ system is available 24/7
  • System is expandable and fully configurable
  • System can be configured to suit your layout and space requirements
  • 24/7 remote support



  • Multi-family housing apartment complexes (residents)
  • Colleges and Universities (students/faculty)
  • Business office (employees)
  • Retail locations (customers)

i-Parcel Benefits to Couriers

The increase in parcel delivery requirements has also driven logistics & postal organizations to explore automated parcel lockers as an alternative delivery solution. Implementing the i-Parcel™ system provides cost-effective and convenient physical distribution of goods to consumers.

American Locker automated parcel lockers for your supply chain network can help:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Offer 24/7 forward & return
  • Deliver superior customer experience
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Electronic parcel lockers designed primarily for residents in multi-family housing complexes.


i-Parcel™ System Configuration

Base system components

1 x Control unit with 3 x Medium openings and 1 x large opening
3 x Columns with 3 x small openings, 4 x medium openings, and 1 large opening


i-Parcel™ can then be expanded using additional columns up to maximum of 204 openings before another control unit needs to be added.

The overall size of the i-Parcel base unit in the standard configuration is:

84” Wide x 24” Deep x 83.5” High



Total of 28 openings

9 x Small:     16.5” W  X  23” D  X   3.5” H

15 x Medium:  16.5” W  X  23” D  X  8.25” H

4 x Large:     16.5” W  X  23” D  X  16.5” H