American Locker i-Cool


Temperature controlled electronic secure locker systems from American Locker

Used for secure storage of items that require some degree of refrigeration, from frozen to chilled to ambient and heated, all with individual electronic monitoring and control. Typical uses include grocery supermarket click and collect systems and secure evidence lockers.

Standard Small, Medium and Large format refrigerated lockers allows for total installation flexibility. Each electronic locker column is independently cooled and each door is software controlled for access and security. These insulated lockers are engineered for robust use in field installation, 3rd generation chilled electronic lockers means long term reliable operation.

The i-cool electronic locker bank consists of at least one module and a user station, to which further individual modules, also with different temperature ranges, can be connected.

We offer modules with a variety of locker sizes and combinations. There are 6 different standard column types to choose from.

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Every module has its own cooling unit – providing the following benefits:

  • Modules with different temperature ranges can be combined
  • Additional modules can be installed at any time
  • The locker bank configuration can be changed
  • Individual modules –when not required– can be switched off
  • Refrigeration specialists are not required at site during installation
  • Cooling units can be easily replaced



Each module has its own temperature controller, the locker bank can be configured to offer various temperature ranges. A cool locker system is therefore suitable for the handover of chilled or frozen foodstuffs, as well as goods that don‘t need to be chilled.

American Locker i-Cool temperature controlled secure electronic lockers use the following temperature ranges:

  • Freezer minus 5 degrees F to minus 6 degrees F
  • Chilled plus 37 to plus 50 degrees C
  • Non-temperature controlled Ambient temperature.
  • Frost protection Temperature does not drop below 32 degrees F.
  • Heated Temperature range plus 41 to plus 113 degrees F.

American Locker i–Cool Services include:

  • Business Case Development, Channel Strategy Planning and End to End Logistics Analysis
  • Customized and Modular Design with electronics, access controls (barcode, RFID, touchscreen, and biometrics options) and different payments methods (currency and PCI compliant credit card processing) including optional CCTV security 
  • Digital Software Development available includes E-Commerce, Food Safety, Pick/Pack/Route/Delivery Management System
  • Simple API’s for easy integration with your internal systems
  • Complete Cloud Managed Solution for all management software controls, remote monitoring, energy efficiency and redundancy management, with full security
  • Custom Branding including all software and hardware design
  • Full Design and Installation Services include electrical, networking and communications with Store Call Centre Customer Care integration (optional)
  • Monthly life-cycle managed Support Services to ensure the full optimization of the locker usage with asset management and up-time service guarantee



The locker modules are entirely manufactured from high strength, insulated laminated panels. The double-walled doors are made of 3 mm thick aluminum profiles and are equipped with magnetic seals.

Each module has an adjustable, stainless steel plinth.

Access Control

The doors have integrated hinges and have an anti- tamper design on the hinge side. Each door opens from the centre of the module.
The door locks are electro-mechanical, and are controlled by the electronics. A coloured LED in the central lock cover panel between the doors indicates when and which door is to be opened.

The doors of each module have emergency opening, which can only be activated by the Operator/owner. This guarantees that all the doors can be opened if there is a problem, without damaging the locker bank.